“Do you ROCK like you mean it? Then open a cold beer and turn up the volume. We are an edgy rock band that plans to deliver…”

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Our Journey begins with Pedigree!

‘Big’ Jim. The Rock Show uk.
“Parnham is a contemporary classic rock band with music that is infectious and needs to be heard”…

Rockin’ Ron Classic Rock 95.9 Panama City Beach, Florida 
“Another thing coming what a great rocking lick”…

Rock n Roll Magazine… 
“This album has a cheeky confidence that exposes the length of time these guys have been making great music – don’t be fooled that these guys are new to the scene”…

You could say we are the ‘new’ old kids on the block trying to make friends, but in fact our journey did start many years ago.

In a rock band called Geneva we had great progress and some success supporting many well known diverse bands from Romeo’s Daughter to Lawnmower Death and Saxon.

Alongside this we had many radio sessions, one being with the great DJ, Tommy Vance of BBC Radio One Rock Show fame who was a trail blazer of his time. This resulted in the release of an EP called ‘Climbing the Mountain’. This EP is still being collected by vinyl enthusiasts around the world today.
At this point other commitments came into play and sadly ‘Au revoir’ was called.

Although we all carried on through the years with our separate music careers with many different types of projects ranging from Singer Songwriter to Tribute Bands. Our passion for music never wavered.

By serendipity or fate, our paths crossed many years later and after a few drinks and tales of those earlier years ,we all agreed to fire up the amps and hit the drums once again.

The band’s mojo was back!

So here we are. We have recorded new songs that bring our maturity alongside youthful energy to your ears. Please join us for the rest of our journey to make some memories and download our FREE single. Enjoy!

Mick , Jock , Rich & Don

“We are”


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Our press so far.......

Our press so far…….